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Super Mario Bros. Wii added a help mode to the game, a feature that gives pointers to the players on how to proceed with a certain level. This is a feature to which any player is entitled to have. If you keep on dying and the game restarts, you can have a special assist block that provides an item to the plumber. This may give you a basic mushroom or a tanooki leaf. When we played the game, we had this offer after we died three times on a single stage.

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But if you still find yourself in trouble, there are two other types of help that you can get. If you already died five times in a stage, you will be offered an invisible tanooki leaf that makes you invisible as well. If you died ten times already, you will get a P wing block that will deliver you right to the end of that stage. However, we were not able to experience any of these situations. It was probably because of our Mario experience and the ease with which we accomplished the game’s early stages. However, do not slack off because the game tends to become even more difficult toward the end.

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We also had fun trying to get Mario to the cannon and shooting him out of it.
Super Mario 3D Land is generally an easy and fun game to play. We can see a lot of potential in it too. We also felt that using the 3D features on the game was not wasted. Instead, it worked for the game so well, especially when it comes to the level designs. There is actually no reason to hold back on using the 3D option in full for 3DS. The game knows how to fully optimize the use of the 3D technology. You can expect the game to surprise you during its launch in November 13 from Nintendo 3DS.

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